Iris & Virgil




Iris and Virgil is a floral studio based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded by Victoria Monsul Singolda, on the premise that flowers can be appreciated as an art form and should be a hassle free experience. Each arrangement, installation and floral styling begins with carefully hand selected materials from the local market daily by our designers, resulting in a unique floral product and heightened design. 

Victoria began arranging her mother’s garden zinnias, dahlias and cosmos flowers at the early age of 8 years old. At the same time, she wrote many poems, acting as a conduit for creative expression, hence the name Iris and Virgil. Iris is the Greek mythological messenger of the gods, and feminine energy and Virgil the epic Roman poet, and masculine muse at Iris and Virgil. 

In 2003, Victoria got accepted to Pratt Institute due to her keen eye for things and passion for photography later majoring in Art Direction. Continuing her education, Victoria studied with several floral designers including Bella Meyer Chagall of Fleurs Bella studio in NYC, Brittany Asch of BRRCH floral, Putnam & Putnam and completed a floral design certificate program at the New York Botanical Garden. 

Victoria continues to challenge herself by striving to bring heightened meaning to each work through the medium of flowers. 

can we speak in flowers.

it will be easier for me to understand
— other language [salt]