Iris & Virgil


Stemming from Life and Art

Walking by the seashore in Tel Aviv a few months ago, I vividly remember an item I passed on the heat drenched lawn which I photographed and later included into a montage of collective images. It was like finding a piece of gold on the side of the road, at least it's shimmer was worth the glimpse of perhaps a shiny piece of gold. It was but a candy wrapper, twisted and exposed to the piercing sun, somehow unmelted and glowing in emerald iridescent streaks.

I bent over to inspect it closer, wondering how such a lovely material went unappreciated, discarded by someone who thought they had already enjoyed the best part of its sweet core. Only the emerald wrapper continued to shine and invite as it did I. Sitting, I pondered the wrapper and fantasized about how I could frame some beautiful quick sand roses and baby blue delphinium, juxtaposing metallic glam with soft and leathery blooms and petals. I took the wrapper with me and carried it's inspirational intrigue.

Eventually as flowers flooded into my mind through the crevasses of my thoughts I imagined a studio covered like a mosaic of emerald candy-like flower packages, and graphic floral sketches existing in the negative space between. Like a sweet river flowing into and out, with colors being used to create sound, texture instigating movement and vessels to portray the frame.

It was art; borrowed, told, encountered, and the medium had to be flowers. How a person moves expressed into fresh blossoms, branches reaching and stems bending like vibrant paints. A portrayal of sheer experience expressed in floral composition.

Evoking a meaningful moment, and bringing an emotion to any space with the stamina of a poem. It is that, which we aim for in creating unique and perhaps heightened floral works at Iris and Virgil, allowing for those passing by to pause or slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature's art work. 

Victoria Monsul