Iris & Virgil

Weeklies - Custom

Weeklies - Custom Form

(1) No risk - You can stop at anytime.

(2) More than just flowers - Guaranteed conversation starters.

(3) Hassle free - We deliver new curated designs, removing the old ones.

(4) How do we compare? - Our flowers arrive arranged in a uniquely paired vase, treated with special floral food for maximum longevity. We offer Monday through Friday delivery options, and are happy to service the flowers free of charge if they seem less than perfect in the first few days. Vases are rentals so our clients can enjoy a variety of higher end styles.  

Once you subscribe to the delivery frequency of your choosing, we will be reaching out to discuss setting up a complimentary consultation for your space via email, call or even a visit as convenient to you. Materials are typically designer's choice. Each arrangement is customized to the client and space at no cost, all you need to do is choose the frequency - once a week, every other week or once a month. Pricing is based on our standard size arrangement, approximately 6 inches in diameter. Please contact us to inquire about alternative sizes.