Iris & Virgil


It’s not just about the flowers. The bank of collaborators and contributors that are holistically part of the Iris and Virgil family are essential in bringing to life the concepts and ideas  

The intent of sharing these behind-the-scene stories aims to lift the veil on the collective, 360-degree process of creating a world where flowers have the simultaneous ability to ground and transport.  

Meet our #MondayMuse: Nir Hod

Exactly 11 years ago to date, while Victoria was waitressing at the iconic late Florent diner in the meatpacking, whilst pursuing writing and social commentary, she was introduced to the Israeli artist, Nir Hod. The introduction was made by the founder of Max Brenner. She was told she reminded them of one of the Eastern European girls in the paintings Nir was creating at the time. (How she caught the artists' and chocolatiers' eye to begin with.) A friendship began that blossomed and evolved over the many years that have gone by, becoming somewhat of co-muses in the creation of art form.

We selected Nir to be our #MondayMuse, for his love and obsession with flowers over three decades of bodies of work. An early show ‘Forever’, displayed works at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 2005, featuring complex paintings of floral wreaths. The display of such abundance of florals, in Nir's paintings then and now, in his electric chrome works, some featuring distressed florals beneath chrome layers, give us inspiration and a common love for the beauty of what we do... celebrating life and death, beauty and edge with the moment a flower becomes a symphony, a narrative for any story.

Click the link to view the interview between Nir and Victoria, a rare conversation between artists and friends. 

Forever flowers. Happy Monday!


Victoria Monsul