Iris & Virgil


It’s not just about the flowers. The bank of collaborators and contributors that are holistically part of the Iris and Virgil family are essential in bringing to life the concepts and ideas  

The intent of sharing these behind-the-scene stories aims to lift the veil on the collective, 360-degree process of creating a world where flowers have the simultaneous ability to ground and transport.  

#WomenCrushWednesday: Sarah and Alexandra Hall

At Iris & Virgil, we are lucky for so many reasons, like loving what we get to do, and excited to get out of bed in the morning to tell stories in flowers. We share that feeling with an incredibly talented group and female owned business, Harley & Co., which focuses it's energies on creating unique experiential events for their clients, and story-tell using a deeply layered patina of emotions and visual textures to craft truly organic and unique moments in time for their brand partners.

The brains behind Harley and Co., sister team duo, Sarah Hall and Alexandra Hall, have been at it for nearly a decade and when our Founder, Victoria, moved on from her days telling stories for brands in a more corporate setting at The Wall Street Journal, they were first in line to collaborate with her on projects and meaningful event work to get her warmed up for what would eventually become a fully operational Iris & Virgil. 

The creative energies sowed between the sisters and our floral forces, lead us to adventures near and far, from the deeply cultural textures and sounds of Clarksdale Mississippi, a five day immersive excursion for Harley's client Red Bull where Victoria was seen foraging wild flowers from a highway median for a local breakfast moment or sourcing perfectly blossoming magnolia branches through friendly locals' estates and gardens to enhance a dinner table scape later in the day. The latest work with the Harley team was envisioning a tropical Bali jungle paradise set across two locations in NYC for client partner John Hardy. The massive main botanical wall built in the iconic Cedar Lake Theater surrounded by several dozens of exotic plants made the evening setting for guests, merely a trip to Bali, with even a tuk-tuk as a guest carriage, a touch only the Harley team could think of! Our synergy and well woven collaborations enabled us to pull it off with only two weeks of planning, and a full day of building to make one of the more talked about jungle scenes created in NYC, in an event category come to life. 

We are excited to feature both one on one interviews with Victoria speaking to the ladies at Harley, Ali and Sarah, and are grateful for such partners who constantly support the development of Iris and Virgil in its growth as a female owned business and creative platform that aspires to make botanical dreams tangible realities. 

Victoria Monsul