Iris & Virgil


It’s not just about the flowers. The bank of collaborators and contributors that are holistically part of the Iris and Virgil family are essential in bringing to life the concepts and ideas  

The intent of sharing these behind-the-scene stories aims to lift the veil on the collective, 360-degree process of creating a world where flowers have the simultaneous ability to ground and transport.  

Meet our first #MondayMuse: Penni Thow

We are thrilled to announce that our first #MondayMuse series is now live! Growing a business, being an entrepreneur, and figuring out a way to cut through the noise is all very challenging and all consuming in the early days of building a brand. We wanted to start #MondayMuse, a weekly series that would hopefully inspire conversation with those that inspired and supported us, and that would highlight those people in our community as wonder women and men, because of all that they do, finding resonance in our journeys, and aligning in synchronistic ways.

Penni Thow, our first Muse, was a natural choice. We fell in love with her Canadian friendliness, and her ability to make you feel like you are the only one to exist in her world, while a storm of projects circulate her time and space, perhaps making her the calm and cool eye of the SB Projects and Klossy storm ... We were so curious to ask her our three flower questions; 1) what is your earliest floral memory? 2) How do flowers inspire you? 3) If you could send flowers to anyone in the world, who would they be and why? 

Click to hear our conversation, and we are sure you will fall in love with her as quickly as we did! You will also hear the interesting story she shares about the Cherry Blossom that she just couldn't quit and that's lasted longer than all of our bad relationships combined! 

We hope you enjoy it, and tune in weekly to meet more of our Muses. Happy Muse Monday.

- Victoria

(Thanks to Molly O’Brien for your wonderful video skills.)

Victoria Monsul