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It’s not just about the flowers. The bank of collaborators and contributors that are holistically part of the Iris and Virgil family are essential in bringing to life the concepts and ideas  

The intent of sharing these behind-the-scene stories aims to lift the veil on the collective, 360-degree process of creating a world where flowers have the simultaneous ability to ground and transport.  

Meet our #MondayMuse: Mickey Ashmore

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We’re so excited to introduce our second #MondayMuse, Mickey Ashmore.  If you’ve ever walked down 12th street in the East Village you may have seen ‘Sabah House’, the first home of the hand made shoes that Mickey fell in love with on a trip to Turkey in 2013. 

His story is inspiring for many reasons, not least of which is the spirit of craftsmanship and integrity he keeps at the center of building his business.  We share that focus with him. That taking a long-term view to building a sustainable business is better than taking short-cuts and that preserving the art of hand-made and long held traditions is even more valuable to people today than when he started.

The fact that Mickey is ‘Sabah-ing’ the country is proof that he’s getting it right.  When you buy a pair of Sabah’s you’re not just buying shoes.  You’re buying into his world of fun, of connection, of seeking new experiences and seeing new places.  Sabah started with a party to introduce the shoes to his friends on 12th Street and Mickey is still inviting people to Sabah houses in NY, Dallas, LA and DC to hang, play music, mix some drinks and smile.  The smile part is also so important to his mission.  While he takes the responsibility of providing employment for local families in Turkey, producing a quality product and providing exceptional customer service so seriously they are undoubtable keys to his success - his humanity, thoughtfulness and genuine smile are keenly felt in every aspect of the Sabah experience.

Read on as Mickey answers our favorite floral questions and shares why he believes flowers have the power to bring a moment of joy, a simple smile, to even the most bleak situations.

What is your earliest floral memory?

“My first floral memory must be my mother planting tulips in the garden in front of our house. My mom has always made design, and with that flowers, a big part of our life. She was known for having a beautiful garden! “

What flowers inspire you and why?

“I'm not sure if there is a specific flower that inspires me. I just find colorful flowers, neatly and simply arranged - even the most basic, like a Gerber Daisy - can make an entire experience or space more elevated. In turn that can produce more inspired thoughts, work product and fun. Flowers are important for the soul!

If you could send flowers to anyone in the world, who would they be and why?

“Well, I already sent flowers to my girlfriend last week ;). So, after her, and my mom, who I also sent flowers to (it was her birthday last Monday) ... I would send simple arrangements to all the people in Aleppo, Syria.  It's a bleak place. They have and are going through a lot. Flowers would, at least momentarily, bring smiles to the people's faces. And I think that's a nice idea. To send flowers to strangers who are having a tough time just to make them feel better. Simply put - flowers make people smile!

To see the gorgeous new Fall shades and to find out what city Mickey is traveling to next, visit the Sabah portal.

Happy Monday!

- Victoria

Victoria Monsul