Iris & Virgil


It’s not just about the flowers. The bank of collaborators and contributors that are holistically part of the Iris and Virgil family are essential in bringing to life the concepts and ideas  

The intent of sharing these behind-the-scene stories aims to lift the veil on the collective, 360-degree process of creating a world where flowers have the simultaneous ability to ground and transport.  

Meet our #MondayMuse: Janelle Chaplin

Is there no higher compliment to pay than to entrust your hair to someone and let them work their magic?  As women undoubtably know, our hair so intrinsically a part of how we experience our own appearance, how we want the world to see us,  and how we armor ourselves to go out into it.  That person for the girls at Iris & Virgil is Janelle Chaplin, Global Creative Director of Original & Mineral.  And yes, she's magic.

Magic in so many ways other than just how amazing she is at doing hair.  She's our #MondayMuse because there is no end to her talent, tenacity and heart. Whether she's on location for GQ, Elle, Lanvin and Chanel (among the many amazing brands she's collaborated with) or over a wine at her super cool but ever so inviting Meatpacking salon, Janelle inspires with her passion and her laugh as she masterfully helps us to be our best selves.

As we always do, we asked Janelle our favorite three flower questions and here's what she said.

What is your earliest floral memory?

I always picked Dandelion flowers thinking they were the best flower I had ever seen, however they were weeds and left your hands sticky! 

What flowers inspire you and why?

Australian Natives. Banksia Flower is one of my favs - such a weird and wonderful shape and color.

If you could send flowers on us tonight to anyone in the world, who would they be and why?

I mean my Mum, after all I would not be here with out her. Also I moved half way across the world so she needs a lot of flowers, shall we do a monthly? Lolz 

Stop by her gorgeous salon to see how she invites botanicals into her everyday life and of course stay for an amazing cut, color, the perfect eco-friendly hair products and a dose of her uplifting Aussie vibes.

Victoria Monsul